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Black Wall Street The Board Game Background

Black Wall Street was a thriving community in Northern Tulsa Oklahoma that began building around 1897 when the Tulsa Oil Industry began to boom. This increased the number of job opportunities in the area and  economic circulation. During the late 1800’s the Tulsa community was still very much segregated, Black Tulsans were not permitted to use White own businesses; and if they were they were not met with 5 star customer service. This created the demand for Black owned businesses, businesses where a Black patron could feel comfortable, valued, and respected.


O.W. Gurley migrated to the Northern Tulsa area and bought large sections of land. These sections of land were later subdivided and sold to Black families and businesses in an effort to create a community for the hard working Black American. It worked.  Within 20 years this small community grew into Black Tulsa aka Little Africa aka Greenwood aka Black Wall Street. With over 100 active businesses, the Greenwood district had Black owned schools, movie theatres, hotels, bus system, and a hospital.


Black Wall Street The Board Game hopes to shed light on the positive legacy of Black Wall Street, its businesses, and its values. We want to celebrate the enormous success the community was able to accomplish together in only 20 years and motivate the next generation to pursue economic empowerment through entrepreneurship and community building.


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