January 2018 Check In

Written By: De’Von Walker a Black Lifestyle Blogger

Happy New Year

Hey thanks for reading. This is my first check in for 2018, I plan to make these a monthly habit to help me stay on track for my promises this year. The idea is if I do monthly check -ins I will be more engaged with my long term goals because I will be making small but measurable progress each month. I am still uncertain of the format to be honest. For this first check in I am going to go with reviewing my holistic health based on our 4 categories.


Physical Health

My physical health seems to be good. To be honest I am not the fan of doctors so I have not been to the doctors office for an official check up in over a year. I have noticed this is very common especially amongst Black males, I am not sure why we do this to ourselves. I am sure I can make that a blog post on its own.My Queen has told me I need to make this a priority so hopefully by the next check in I would have gotten a check up. Each month I will update you all on my mile time progress, my superfood of the month and my daily workout of the month. 

January – 12 minutes – Lemons – Body weight Squats

Economic Health

Towards the end of 2017 I started investing in Cryptocurriences. I do not endorse this as a means of stable income especially if you are not an expert in Cryptography, Science of Randomization, Computer Science, etc. However if you have a bad spending habit like buying unneeded DVDs, which I have been accused of, investing in cryptocurrencies is an alternative. I also recently found out that the stocks I purchased through Tradeking 5 years ago had been sold to pay inactive fees, that hurt. Make sure to check your investments at a minimum every week. Besides those I still have an automatic transfer for $500 set up each month to go into my savings account, strongly recommend you set something like this up if you plan to make a large purchase (house, car, ring, wedding, etc) in the future.Lastly I am still employed full time which is a blessing.

Resources – Coinbase – Boyce Watkins youtube – Black Crypto groups on facebook

Social Health

This is the one I think I am going to struggle with throughout the year. Superficially I am a very social person and enjoy getting to know new people but I need to work on forming strong social bonds rather than alot of social bonds. I have been passively seeking a mentor that might help in my entrepreneurial development but have not been successful. Luckily youtube has  been a great resource for me to indirectly connect with successful entrepreneurs and learn from their process. While I continue to search for a mentor my goal is to maintain the strong bonds I have with friends and family now.

Resources – California Black Health Network – Black Bloggers collaboration opportunity

Spiritual Health

This is another category that I foresee myself struggling with, at least measuring my progress. Starting the New year I feel very focused and light, light in the sense that I do not feel an overwhelming amount of stress. Considering all that I have going on at the moment this is a huge surprise. I think the key to keeping my balance is to make sure I organize my time and create lists.

Resources – Google Keep – Physical Calendar